Kiribati 36 design with Fixed Keel option

For those who like the Kiribati 36 design but feel they do not need shallow draft, the news is that it is almost finished the version of the design with a conventional fixed box keel. This should be even more economical to build than the original swing keel design. The benefits of shallow draft accessibility come at a cost, and for sailors that do not require a boat that can reach spots only 80 cm deep but like the other aspects and solutions of this design, there is now one more option in B & G Yacht Design´s range.

For more information about the Kiribati 36 design click here.

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One Response to Kiribati 36 design with Fixed Keel option

  1. Azeez says:

    Louis and Marli, I discovered your blog from coimng across a photo of your first house/boat tied up in a hurricane hole. The new Green Nomad is awesome. Such a sensible design for a couple. It would even make sense for Southeast Alaska, where we want to cruise. Anchorages there are usually very deep, but there is often a small shallow spot available where freshwater streams discharge.Are you at sea yet? Can’t wait to hear more about your voyages. With best wishes, Tim

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