About us


Luis and Marli are  sea nomads. From his early childhood in Mozambique Luis has been around boats and since spending a week aboard a friend´s boat in 1987, he started to dream about getting away on a sailboat. He bought an unfinished hull in 1991 and together with Marli, who surprisingly accepted his proposal, he and her finished the first Green Nomad in 1996.

They left Brazil in 1997, bound for the South Pacific, and up to 2006 wandered through our wonderfull world.

They sold their first house boat in 2006 in Australia and came to Brazil to build the new Green Nomad between 2007 and now


Our new boat is a Kiribati 36, a swing keel aluminum yacht designed in partnership with Roberto Barros and Luis Gouveia, from B&G Yacht Design.

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